Black Tape For A Blue Girl - The Scavenger Bride

1. the scavenger bride
2. kinski
3. all my lovers
4. shadow of a doubt
5. the doorkeeper
6. floats in the updrafts
7. a livery of bachelors
8. das lisalottenbett
9. the lie which refuses to die
10. the scavenger's daughter
11. like a dog / letter to brod
12. the whipper
13. bastille day

最近又聽了一張Black Tape For A Blue Girl, 又是進入哥德式搖滾的另一個境界。

推薦the lie which refuses to die與bastille day.......

the lie which refuses to die使用一種慵懶帶激烈式唱腔~~非常特別.......