Mu'm - Finally We Are No One


01. Sleep/Swim
02. Green Grass Of Tunnel
03. We Have A Map Of The Piano
04. Don't Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed
05. Behind Two Hills…A Swimmingpool
06. K/half Noise
07. Now There's That Fear Again
08. Faraway Swimmingpool
09. I Can't Feel My Hand Any More, It's Alright, Sleep Still
10. Finally We Are No One
11. The Land Between Solar Systems

冰島的電子專輯,曲風偏向 Post-Rock,整專輯感覺很夢幻適合小酌聆聽。

女主唱 Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir 嗓音獨特,唱法與 Bjork 不太相同,每個團員都是樂手也是歌手,常常一起合音。

這首不錯 Green Grass Of Tunnel

這首 We Have a Map of the Piano 就有 Vocal 囉