Lizzy Parks - This & That

01. This And That
02. Forever And A Day (acoustic version)
03. Deluge
04. Soul Bird (acoustic version)
05. A Taste Of Honey
06. Time (acoustic version)
07. Eyes Of A Child
08. Raise The Roof (acoustic version)
09. Leaving Home (acoustic version)

算是冷門的專輯,曲風比較接近 Jazz 與 Soul。這張 2009 年發行的專輯,樂曲中運用大量的弦樂,氣氛相當和諧,適合睡眠時間聆聽,上班聽可能會有"出神"的副作用。

推薦 This And That, Eyes Of A Child, Raise The Roof, Leaving Home 這四首歌。