PHP Rich Server Platform (Released!!)

PRSP, PHP Rich Server Platform is an Open Source Project, as the name suggests the core design using PHP language. We look forward to the development of a modular development of the core structure of PHP code. The purpose of the development of PRSP programs to enhance reusability and reduces the dependence between the program, which is the benefits of modular development.

Now the existence of many mature and powerful application framework and technology, such as Spring Framework, XOOPS, Zend Framework, Struts, PHP-Nuke, Joomla, Ruby on Rails etc. Customized web-based tools, there are many typical systems, such as WordPress, LifeType, phpBB, Discuz etc. Systems such as these have their own features, both in IoC, AOP, MVC is a very excellent, and provides powerful and full support.

However, the advantages of streamlining is the PRSP Framework because it provides only the low layer of the operation of the concept and mechanism, implemented through various means of plug-in module design system. Such a framework will be able to very easily achieve a higher level of MVC application or Web Service applications.


PRSP Core is a programming model for a lightweight. Strictly speaking, not the framework of the PRSP Core, In fact PRSP does not provide you with any Web application development functions, features or tools. PRSP Core actually done? Unfortunately, we have to tell you PRSP Core did not do anything. And therefore we call the PRSP is The Most Boring Framework. But with the PRSP Core operating mechanism and structure, which will foster the development of superior Plugins the user program.

PRSP Plugins

PRSP Framework development system using the only way to design PRSP Plugins, that is, we want to make you to modular system design approach. Although the PRSP Core does not provide any stunning ability, but the PRSP Plugins are able to develop such a framework of excellent functions.

Web Site : http://prsp.toright.com


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