Enigma - Seven Lives Many Faces

1. Encounters
2. Seven Lives
3. Touchness
4. The Same Parents
5. Fata Morgana (Instrumental)
6. Hell s Heaven (Instrumental)
7. La Puerta Del Cielo
8. Distorted Love
9. Je T aime Till My Dying Day
10. Deja Vu (Instrumental)
11. Between Generations
12. The Language Of Sound (Instrumental)
13. Superficial (Instrumental)
14. We Are Nature
15. Downtown Silence (Instrumental)
16. Sunrise (Instrumental)
17. The Language Of Sound (Slow Edit) (Instrumental)

Enigma 第七張專輯 中譯輪迴

推薦第九首 Je T aime Till My Dying Day

一開始的do u love me too很soul