CMMI Level 3 Process Area

RD 需求發展 Requirements Development‧Elicit Needs

‧Develop the Customer Requirements
‧Establish product and Product-Component Requirement
‧Allocate Product-Component Requirements
‧Identify Interface Requirements
‧Establish Operational Concepts and Scenarios
‧Establish a Definition of Required Functionality
‧Analyze Requirements
‧Analyze Requirements to Achieve Balance
‧Validate Requirements with Comprehensive Methods

TS 技術解決方案 Technical Solution

‧Develop Detailed Alternative Solutions and Selection Criteria
‧Evolve Operational Concepts and Scenarios
‧Select Product-Component Solutions
‧Design the Product or Product Component
‧Establish a Technical Data Package
‧Design Interface Using Criteria
‧Perform Make ,Buy, or Reuse Analyses
‧Implement the Design
‧Develop Product Support Documentation

PI 產品整合 Product Integration

‧Determine Integration Sequence
‧Establish the Product Integration Environment
‧Establish Product Integration Procedures and Criteria
‧Review Interface Descriptions for Completeness
‧Manage Interface
‧Confirm Readiness of Product Components for Integration
‧Assemble Product Components
‧Evaluate Assembled Product Components
‧Package and Deliver the Product or Product Component

VER 確認 Verification

‧Select Work Products for Verification
‧Establish the Verification Environment
‧Establish Verification Procedures and Criteria
‧Prepare for Peer Reviews
‧Conduct Peer Reviews
‧Analyze Peer Review Data
‧Perform Verification
‧Analyze Verification Results and Identify Corrective Action

VAL 驗證 Validation‧Select Products for Validation

‧Establish the Validation Environment
‧Establish Validation Procedures and Criteria
‧Prepare Validation
‧Analyze Validation Results


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