Sigur Ros - ( )

" We really loved the responses to Agaetis Byrjun we received from foreigners. We got all kinds of interpretations from people who didn’t understand Icelandic and thought we were saying other things and it turned out these people were interpreting the songs based on their own lives and atmospheres, which was very precious for us. This is partly the reason why we decided to give people the chance to write their own lyrics in the booklet. " Jonsi 的這一夕話不就解釋了 ( ) 的動機了嗎?沒有歌詞,沒有碟名, ( ) 八首樂章記載的是人心深處最真的情感,而非俗世凡人眼中的綽頭或刻意賣弄。 Jonsi 說大碟內空白的紙是要讓樂迷自己寫與畫下個人的感受,為這一張未完成的大碟刻畫個別的結局。



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