A Real-Time Multiple Object Tracking Based on Active Contour Model and Motion Vector Method


The computer image objects tracking technologies are often applied to various kinds of biological experiment research fields. We propose a real-time tracking system for multiple objects in this paper. This system employs the Active Contour Models and motion vector method to trace several objects with of the same kinds and to record their paths simultaneously. It is suitable for animals' experiments to reduce time, manpower, cost and the human observation error. This system is developed by JAVA language and uses the camera to capture real image. The traditional background subtraction and object segmentation algorithms are modified to reduce operation complexity and achieve real-time performance. The motion vectors are adopted to identify non-occlusion objects, and use the Active Contour Models algorithm to identify occlusion objects. The experiment result shows the precision of this system is more than 90% under multi-objects tracking, and the frame rate is more than 25 frames per second.

Keywords: Object Tracking; Active Contour Model; Object Segmenting; Computer Image Processing; Biological Behavior Quantization.


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